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College Business MAjor – should I?

OK, well, i really enjoy business and financial matters. I like dealing with numbers and i like the thought of going into a big company and working my way up in the world. I want to go into college majoring in Business management, but i am kind of shy and tend to not talk much. I get nervous in front of big crowds sometimes… I have good people skills when i talk to a few people, but when i get in front of a couple hundred people, i get nervous. I know i will eventually out grow it, i think anyway, so is this job for me or not? Do i need to be extremely good incrowds right now? Should i major in this or not?

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Huh? There are a ton of jobs in business that you can do where you dont speak in front of 100’s of people. Ive been in the business world for 10.5 years now, and have never once spoken to more than about 10 people. And Im actually rather successful. If you like numbers so much, you should go into Finance or Accounting. If you become an Accountant, the odds are that you wont ever have to speak in front of a huge group.

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I am in a very similar situation as yours. I’m currently a senior majoring in business management. I love to talk, but I get really nervous whenever I have to stand in front of a group and speak. I’m much more comfortable speaking in front of a group sitting down–like participating in class or something. I don’t know what it is, but I get so nervous standing in front of groups–I guess b/c I’m always wanting to make a good impression and I think the people are judging me.

Anyway, all positions in the business world do not require you to speak in front of large groups. Yes, you’ll have to speak up, but it will more than likely be a face-to-face interaction with one or a few people. The only time you’ll need to speak in front of a large group is if you are in some type of management or upper-level position, but it still isn’t always necessary even then.

My advice to you: practice, practice, practice. Enroll in courses that require you to make presentations in class. That is what I am doing. I am still very nervous, but it’s getting better. I’m also using additional tactics at my internship. I’ve had to get up and talk to the employees. I was nervous, but I still did it a total of 4 times. I will also lead a few new employee orientation sessions within the next few weeks. I’m doing whatever it takes to get over this nervousness and you should too!

Good luck!!!


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Everyone gets nervous speaking to crowds.

This is a learned skill.

It is also a skill that is not often needed in business.

Relax and don’t worry.