A few days ago
meep meep

Anyone else crying over their SAT score?

Once in a while we’re allowed to be emo right?

I have the same exact score as I did last time…..

650 Reading

660 Math

640 Writing

Sigh…. bye bye Cornell…..

Anyone else do badly who just wants to rant about it?

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A few days ago

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I feel your pain. I only studied for the reading part and only that improved but everything else dropped so there was little improvement in my overall score.

I also want to go to a top tier school but my SAT is way worse than yours. I have even less of a chance of getting in to my schools than you. So you don’t have to feel too bad.


A few days ago
Have you tried those tutor programs that give you tips on taking the test? You need a good solid 50 more points on each section.

A few days ago
my sat score just dropped 100 points. i’m furious. my essay went up, but everything else dropped. so at least you stayed level.

A few days ago
Yessss…although i got an 800 in Spanish, i also got 550 in Bio M!!! 🙁