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Would a campus visit really increase my chances to be accepted at my 1st choice college [see details plz]?

I live in Maryland and I want to go to a univerity in Utah (BYU) and I want to know if it is worthy to travel all the way from MD to UT for a campus visit. I would be a transfer with not the coolest GPA ever (lol, but it is so getting better). I would transfer by Fall 2008. Would my chances of being admitted increase if I do that college visit?

Once, I went to a college visit to an university here in MD and it was so boring! it also made me change my mind about the major that I had chosen years before and since then I am like Undeclared major. I would not like to have that experience again.

Thank you ^_^

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A campus visit alone will not better your chances. An interview might. Some schools’ interviews are more like information sessions, while others are actually evaluative.

And yes, the higher SAT scores would help.