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Why do people laugh when I tell them I’m a history major?

Okay, so lately it’s been happening too often. I’m a History major at UCLA, third year, with a 4.00 gpa. Now, everytime I meet someone they feel obliged to ask me what my major is, and they kind of scuff and snicker when I tell them it’s history. Sometimes I get a response such as : What are you going to do with it, become an archeologist? Or “Are you going to be a history teacher?”…..etc.

Most people in college can’t handle math, only a small fraction of students are capable of completing calculus, etc. Most people are bullcrap majors like me, so I don’t see why people think it’s funny. Most people in college should be laughed at, then?

Oh, and how’s my english?

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It’s because most American colleges have become business trade schools. You’re being laughed at because they think you’re naive to major in something you actually like rather than sell out like they have. They’re secretly jealous too, but they don’t even realize that. Don’t be ashamed of history, it’s one of the greatest subjects there is. Too many people today are ignorant of our past. It makes them naive and foolish about our future. Think about how you know how to keep from doing stupid things. It’s from experience right? Well how is humanity as a whole going to avoid the atrocities we have committed in the past if we don’t even remember them? Humanity has repeated the same stupid mistakes over and over and over and I’m really getting sick of it. God bless you for majoring in history. Not only is history interesting, it’s useful in the greatest way. It serves to further humanity and not just make a buck (not that there aren’t jobs or graduate studies available to history majors). The only people who snicker are the ignorant. Keep fighting the good fight against the chattering masses. Peace.

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Because they think degree title must equal job title, when it doesn’t then they are too ignorant to extrapolate the value of a liberal arts education. This is most often the case with those of the lowest classes simply because the only middle class people they ever met were school teachers.

These people, almost always taking courses covering material that will be obsolete in a few years, honestly believe that their vocational education has more value than your academic education.

Once in the the world of work they will find that yes, they find the job as Asst. Accountant for Marketing very quickly. When they become disillusioned is when they see those old liberal arts majors keep going beyond Asst. Taskman and into jobs that have names like Vice President for XYZ and Regional Director of XYZ; all the while, they remain in the asst. entry level because they only learned to do and never learned to think. When you get there – don’t forget to return their laughs.

Your English seems very good – are you not native? If you’re not, then your English is outstanding.


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Don’t be discouraged it is a great major.