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I hate math but need to take a math/logic class to graduate- should I take this class?

I hate math so much. I took algebra and had to really study and struggle to get a 3.0. My overall gpa right now is 3.7 so its not a matter of being a bad student, its just that I suck at math. I graduate in December with my bachelors degree but have to take a math or logic class to fulfill all requirements. Does this class look like it would be worse than algebra?

Math 121- Linear Programming, Elementary Functions


Systems of equations, matrices and linear programming (simplex method); rational exponential and logarithmic functions.

Would you recommend taking Intro to logic instead?

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Yeah, Math 121 looks harder than College Algebra. I’d take into to logic if I were you. I took a Logic course in college and we had a group project as a final grade. Our group had to logically prove something in front of the class. Well all these groups got up and tried to prove that abortion was wrong, or that taxes are bad, or there is no such thing as aliens and crap like that. Well it doesn’t matter what you think, you can’t logically prove those things! So our group got up and had poster boards (this was pre-powerpoint mind you):

Bob is a goldfish.

Goldfish are freshwater fish.

Freshwater fish will die if placed into the ocean for extended periods of time.

Bob will die if placed in the ocean for extended periods of time.

The end.

Got a 100%, and let me tell you…the other groups were pissed at us but it was a logical proof and that is all the teacher wanted.

Linear Programming and Elementary Functions is going to be a lot harder than proving Bob would die if placed in the ocean.


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Most colleges have a tutor (math) lab and I would check it out, it will really help you. You will learn from other students and maybe they can explain things more clearly to you, and I will bet most have already taken that course.