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Which is a better quality college, St. Francis University or Slippery Rock University?

I am a student going into my senior year and I have college applications to consider. However, I am not sure, despite much research, which college is the best, out of the following colleges (which would all be appropriate for me): Bloomsburg University, Juniata College, Lock Haven University, Shippensburg University, Slippery Rock University, and St. Francis University. All of these colleges have my intended major (Secondary mathematics education) and the 2 sports that I play (track & field and cross-country). Since I couldn’t figure this one out by myself, I decided I would come to all of you.

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my best friend goes to slippery rock–

but a friend i knew goes to st. francis on a full ride for basketball.

They both are happy

in my opinion

St. Francis is in the middle of nowhere— but not to far from PSU main, so i mean you have to consider you will probably want to go out and stuff

Slippery rock has a little town and I know they have some good stuff to do

either place is good but if you want my vote I say Slippery Rock

but however, Slippery rock is a bigger party school. You get the name where you go, remember that whne it comes tiem to find a job. I know Lock Haven is a great Univ!!! Maybe consider there? St. Francis has a great math program- the girl i know htat goes there is actually a math major as well and she will def. walk out with a great job– i dunon its 50/50 for me I say, fun and more well rounded life- SR- more discipline college life- St. Francis. You pick


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None of those schools would make my list. If you are interested in Pennsylvania schools that meet your needs, have you thought about Villanova? You should go to the best school that you can get into.

Try looking at Princeton Review’s web site. They have a tool where you tell them about your background and interests and it tells you what schools are a good fit for you.