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what would be the best degree for me, if i am an aspiring art director?

I really want to pursue a career in art directing, but how do i start off? Once i graduate from college what is my first step? There are alot of art degrees to choose from, but which one would better my chances into furthering my career? Where can i get an intern?

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You should study Graphic Design or Visual Communications (same thing, just different titles at different schools.) It would be helpful to also take some extra business and marketing or writing courses along with your design major.

These are competitive programs at the good schools, and why go anywhere other than a good school? Look for coursework specifically in typography and in history of graphic design because good programs will have this and others probably won’t. Look up education information on www.aiga.org which is the professional organization for graphic design.

To get in, obviously do the best you can with grades and exam scores. You’ll also need a portfolio, which primarily should include drawings from direct observation. That means you are looking at something and interpreting it yourself, not rendering from a photo or copying from an ad or making up an image although possibly a few of those things are okay too. It won’t matter if you have any design in your entrance portfolio but if you’ve done photography or done posters for a school play or something you might include that too. Concentrate on the drawings though.

When you get out, you’ll work as a designer and if your skills are good you will work your way up to art director after a few years. It is not uncommon to change jobs a few times in the early years of your career and obviously there are more opportunities for different jobs in a larger community.

Internship is something that usually is done between junior and senior year of college, though you might be able to shadow with a few designers prior to that. The faculty and advisors at your school should assist you with suggestions about internships and advice about respected firms in your region and beyond.

Maybe go ahead and subscribe to How magazine. It is a good starter with information about design topics but accessible to people who are just beginning to explore this area.

It is a competitive career and there are alot of hacks out there doing very mundane work. But at the top there are some world-class inspiring people and you could become one of them. Good luck!


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