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What would a medical school like to see in a student? Personal expereinces welcome.?

Right now I have a 3.97 highschool GPA with a lot of honors courses thrown in there and a 3.6 GPA at the community college (dual enrolled). I’ll have my AA degree before highschool diploma so it’s just in general education, is that okay? Are those acceptable grades for a University and medical school? Once I go on to Bachelors, do I continue to Master’s or go to Medical School? I heard Medical schools like well-rounded students and well-rounded Bachelors degrees, does this mean I should major in something random that I like such as English/Creative Writing and then go to Med school or should I keep it a BS degree and major in something in life science like biology?

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Your excellent grades give you some options. You might consider a dual degree program that enables you to get your undergrad at the same time you get your MD. These are six year programs versus the standard 4 year undergrad and 4 year med school. Numerous med schools offer the program. You can Google the term “Dual Degree” or “Six year Medical school” to learn which schools offer that program. You appear to be an ideal candidate.

You’re correct in that med schools prefer a well rounded student. The minimum requirements of 90 semester hours in the prereq sciences are the basics for all US med schools and many med schools inform potential students that those prereqs are all the science courses they should take and to fill out their course load with other classes.

As to whether you should pursue a BS or MS…that depends on what your interests are. If you plan on going into research, then yes, by all means pursue a MS at a minimum. Most researchers have PhDs. But if you simply want to become a physician, then anything beyond a Bachelor’s is taking time away from med school.

Most potential med students apply to an average of 12 med schools. I would advise you to look at the state universities within your own state first (for two reasons: 1) Your own state’s universities are going to be the least costly and 2) State universities give preference to state residents versus out-of-state applicants. All US med school’s education programs are very similar due to accreditation requirements. The ranking of schools includes non-education issues such as tuition costs, size of the library, geographic location, parking spaces, etc. When you consider the fact that all a medical school teaches you is the basic sciences, paying more money to attend a prestigious school doesn’t make sense. I often advise potential students that a medical school is like learning a foreign language. Who cares where you were taught as long as you learn to speak the language well.

I would also refer you to the Association of American Medical Colleges web site (www.aamc.org) The schools know what questions are frequently asked (or should be asked) and have already provided answers.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!


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Medical schools will not look at your high school transcript, and probably won’t look at your community college transcript either. Since you need a 4-year college degree before applying to medical school, that’s all they will look at.

You don’t need to get a masters in anything to apply to medical school, you just need to pass the entrance exams. And taking the recommended courses is always good too, no matter what your major is. But I wouldn’t risk getting an English degree when I could have double majored in bio and chem – you don’t want to look completely unprepared. But these are all things you can ask your pre-med advisor once you get to college.


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