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What’s the impression of “c’um laude” on the diploma? Does it matter for prospective employers?

Prospective employers that pay high salaries and/or admit superlative grads in prestigious institutions, i.e. think tanks & government/business positions.

Will the impression help with these following distinctions on the diploma:

Summa c’um laude

Magna c’um laude

C’um laude

The ‘higher’ the distinction, the more prestigious in picking the pool of candidates with similar honors (including simply ‘c’um laude’) for the demanding yet luxurious job position?

Do “egregia c’um laude” and “maxima c’um laude” exist at some American universities that issue diploma with one of these distinctions?

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Since these honors at graduation are given based upon the GPA, knowing that you graduated with honors would be redundant to any employer who cares about grades, since you would already have had to tell them your GPA.