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Aaron M

What makes living so heard?

in life there are choices, sometimes you make bad choices and sometimes you make good ones, why am i always wrong when my choices are good or bad?

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Who says your always wrong if you just said you do make some good choices?

Are you thinking of the consenquences or outcome of making these choices beforehand?

That helps alot..

Also ask questions and do research before making important decisions that are leaving you feeling bad.

I personally pray myself, I ask God before I decide on doing things. He has proven to me to be accurate in His answers even when I don’t understand. And also has saved me lots of time and money.


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I cannot interperet life for you. Nor may anyone else. It is your destiny to live throughout these experiances that come to you in your life, this all is going to shape you into the person you were ment to be. There are resons, but right now they are beyond your understanding. You will know what life has helped you become in a fough years. For now only look at the good things in life because it could always be worse. If you have a lot of bad things that come to you, it is your task to make them go away. Find a solution, because no one can find your true answers, you must discover yourself, but first you must explore your choices.

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yur not always wrong, your hanging with the wrong people who are making you feel that way.

I dont keep many friends because they like to bring me down, I have a few good friends, the rest dont stop bt my house we only say hi on the streets.

friends destroy your ego, your marriage, your children, and so much more.

if it’s not your friends then I am sorry, just I saw too many marriages end and depression due to people’s “so called friends”.

what makes life hard aside from other people and/or friends …

Sex and money

think about it for a minute.

sex always complacates matters, is she pregnet, how do I dump her when she loves me so much, how do I keep her when she is immpossible… and so on

money because every thing in life desires money, house, gas, electric, internet, food, car, and so on.

I think thier are a few basic rules to follow and if you dont then you find life to be much more difficult…

A) stay in school, get good grades, then no less then 2 years of collage.

B) live with your parents, under thier rules until your situated. meaning you pay them $30. a week and help them around the house until you leave.

C) go to Church every time the doors are open for no less then one year, because the single female (or male) who is thier for every service is the one you want to marry because she is the faithful one, she is the one who didnt have 15 sex partners, and she is the one who will never leave, and when she says forever, she means it.

D) after youve gone to School, got a decent paying job, and you have a your own house, and a wife, start having kids.

and bang your life is set, forget about every one else because you just created a more secure, loving and faithful life.

OR …. we work backwards and dont discover this until were older and life is complex as we try to figure out who we are and were we belong.


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When I told my doctor I regretted not doing nursing school 20 years ago (I start this Sept) he said, “When you get older you will realize that you shouldn’t regret what you have done so far.” He is about 80 so he should know.

Why do you think you are wrong when you make a good choice? Are you referring to what other people think? What choices are you sorry about and can you change them now?


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Peggy Sue
Maybe everything happens for a reason.

In the end, all your “wrong” choices may prove to have turned out right.



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What makes spelling so heard?