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I’m moving from Iraq to the states How would my college application be? How should I apply?

I’m 20 years old, I go to the university of technology here in baghdad, we’re moving to the states soon and I wanna continue my education there but I have no idea how will I aplly for college there or the possibilty of me getting a schollarship.What should I do! Help me!

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Thomas M

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Scholarship aid for international students is in short supply. The expensive private schools are actually more likely to be able to give you scholarships than the cheaper public schools – they have private money with no strings attached. If you won the green card lottery, though, you count the same as a US citizen for most purposes, so it should be fairly straightforward. The web sites of the schools to which you’re applying will give you the specific information that they need and will tell you which forms to fill out and how to get them.

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