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What are the chances Concord University Law School students will get to take the Georgia Bar within 5 years?

I have a Doctorate in Education and am about to pursue a law degree online through the outstanding school, Concord University Law School. This will qualify me to take the California bar, but I would like to figure out the best way to be admitted to the Bar in Georgia. Could I add on an LLM from an ABA school to qualify to take the Bar in Georgia? What are the steps I can take to impact legislation in this matter?

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Hmm… a quick look at the Georgia Bar Examiners website says no on the LLM. To take the bar exam or waive in by motion you need an ABA-approved JD.

I think there was actually a bill on this issue back in January, but was defeated.

There is a provision in the bar rules that talks about schools that are not ABA accredited but nevertheless approved by the bar examiners. I think this refers to the unaccredited law schools that were allowed to keep operating in Georgia until 1998 when the last of them closed. But since the rule is still on the books, it might be your best bet to get Concord to become state bar approved even if it’s not ABA approved.