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what are the best pre-medical in England and Canada???

best = Has a high qualified students

– how many years is the program??

– how much does it costs for college and residency for international students?

– does it accepts IB students and give scholirships

if yes what range of grades are highly qualified?

if you have studied in England or Canada

where…for how long…?

how much…costs throughout the program?

did they interview you or u were accepted by only sending your papers?

what speciality???

do you enjoy it???

what were the pros and cons when living and studing there

i know i am asking allot….but i really need some effient information ..anything can help….thnx

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There is no pre-med program here in Canada. The way to get into med here is to have any undergraduate program and really do well at it, theres NO way to have unconditional or conditional acceptance to med while you study “pre med” here, nor is there a required “pre med” program for med school.

That being said: it costs about $15K a year, they always interview you, and Canada is the best country in the world for being a doc b/c medicine is free here so you dont feel guilty about being greedy and not helping poor ppl 😉