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what are my chances of getting into UT austin?

I have a 5.9189 GPA on a 6 point scale, however you must have a 6.5 to be in the top 10% at my highly competitive high school. I’m in the top 19% of my class and i have a 1950 on my SAT, 1360 without the writing. I jkust took it afgain last weekend with a good cahnce of improving. I’m Colorguard Captain and have been in the marching band for 4 years, im also a member of the CATSS (Champions area teen service society) black belt in tkd, volunteered over 100 hours, in 4 extra curricular clubs including NHS and science olympiad. also have “sepcial circumstances” including one parent family, 5 silbings, i was forced to practiacally raise them for 4 years…all written about in my Essay C. What are my chances if i have kick *** reccomendations and amazing essays?

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Austin n

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that looks really good, you have a very high chance of getting in