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What are my chances of getting into UCLA or UC Berkeley?

I want to know what my chances are of getting into UCLA or UC Berkeley.

-I have a 3.6 GPA

I scored 1860 on SATs

-I am aiming for an IB diploma (hoping to stand out as there arnt many IB diploma candidates applying to US universities.)

– I am an international student studying in another country, although I am also a California resident since my parents have a house there.

-I am part of the Key Club, Stu Gov, National Junior honor society, Chinese honor society, a leadership position in Orphanage Club, a leadership position in World Vision, and I am also part of the chamber music group (an auditioned musical group with string instruments that takes only 2-3 players of each instrument…very hard to get in!)

-I have done 106 hours of volunteer work and 2 summers of internship with 2 big computer companies.

-I’ve gotten a few awards for community service for clubs at school.

– i write pretty good essays…

-Potential majors are something to do with science.maybe computers.


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Gumdrop Girl

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Your SAT scores and GPA are a tinge LOW for either school, and even lower if you are applying to the schools of engineering.

UC Berkeley and UCLA are about equally competitive. You’d need an average of 650 on each section on the SAT and weighted GPAs of 4.0+ are typical.

You will need to rely on your CA residency (although I am not sure they will count you as a resident, even with the house) because it’s very hard to get in as an international student.

On the bright side, you have good extracurriculars.


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Sounds like you’re on your way. You really need to call these school though to find out the admission criteria for GPA’s and test scores. Good luck!

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Jared B
Sorry, but your chances are rather low. Your grade point average is rather low and your SAT’s are low as well. Try to make arrangements to retake your SAT and try really hard to raise your grade point average if you are still in high school. A 4.2 GPA and a 2100 SAT makes you much more competitive