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wt is t difference between ca and cfa??????which is better? which is easy to study?i mean within a short time?

what other courses r good? I mean t ones with good scope….so dat i can go abroad and work over der n also get paid well…

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Well certified funky associate is der boo for true. Cpa,

and cap determining is a really present this week opportunity.

Financial advisories are interesting. Fiduciaries audits or

agents are good too. The best I can offer is, agencies with

your interest may be out in your ballpark. Finances is a steady

and solid direction, though as you would think, there are strict

limits. My report would be: minerals, soaps, household,

art, and entertainment is in good shape for new investors.

There are more, and there are mistakes. Keep interested in

what you love to do, or are good at on team action. A team

worker is a leader and may be the option to use your skills.

Private classes in stadium, fares, and trade is good now.




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Theodore H
CA: Chartered Accountant

CFA: Certified Financial Analyst


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gally pop
i dnt know the diff… but im sure that cfa is best… u can finish cfa in 2 yrs but ca wll take more than 4 yrs….