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what about all these trade technical schools?

what do you guys think about all these trade and tech schools…ITT, everest college, american career college, etc. they teach you how to do or be a mesage therapist, business admin, dental asst, and parol officer. are these schools worth the time and money?once you graduate how much money do these people really make?

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There is very little you can do with these degrees from many tech schools. They offer degrees in criminal justice- but to be a cop you need a degree from an accredited school. In NY the police department does not accept this, and the city college offers a cheaper and better program.

They offer a degree in business- but I bet your local community college does, too, and employers will look more fondly on that.

Before you do this, check out what your local community college offers. What are you interested in, and what are you good at? See if the community college offers something you would like.


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There are a lot of Technology programs out there that will allow you to become a Technologist. Working within an Engineering firm, however not an engineer, technologists are a vital part of an Engineering firms success. After years of experience often you can become certified as a Technologist which is important when dealing with government work at all levels. Right now there is a lot of demand on Civil Infrastructure jobs as the government is spending a lot of money in this area to boost the economy. Also, you will find that Oil and Gas related jobs have declined in a big way since the price of Oil and Gas has dropped in the last 6 months. These jobs historically will come and go every 10 years or so. If you’re starting school now you might be poised to take advantage. Search out on the internet “High demand jobs for 2010 or 2011… etc.” Some times there will be studies done to determine what jobs are in great demand and those declining in “need”. Good Luck!