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Trivia Time?

Answer the following questions in one post.

Who ever answers all the questions correctly gets the best answer. ( you can research)

1. What is the capital of Estonia.

2. Who won the 2007 Germany’s next topmodel competition

3. In which book does Captain Ahab Pilot a Ship named Pequod?

4. A wheel turns or spins on………. what?

5. How many strings does a common guitar have?

6. What layer of muscle moves up and down while you breathe?

7. What is the capital of Angola?

8.What animal presents the Democratic party?

9. How do most geographers call a chain of Islands?

10.What king and Queen helped Columbus sail the world?

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1. Tallinn

2.Barbara Meier

3.Moby Dick

4. its axis or axle

5. six, usually

6. the intercostal muscles along with the diaphragm

7. Luanda

8. you mean represents? then the donkey

9. archipelago

10. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain


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I think therefore I am 2210
1. Tallinn.

2. Barbara Meier.

3. Moby Dick.

4. Axle.

5. Six.

6. Diaphragm.

7. Lunada.

8. Donkey.

9. Archipelago.

10. King Fedinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.


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1 Tallinn

2 Barbara Meier

3 Moby Dick

4 axle

5 6 usually, but can have 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12

6 diaphragm

7 Luanda

8 donkey

9 archipelago

10 Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile