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Transfer student: public vs private universities- letters of recommendation?

I’ve noticed that it’s mostly the private schools that want letters of recommendation for transfer students. Why is this? I’m a straight A student and I write good essays. What purpose is a letter of rec. going to serve? Why don’t most public universities want them?

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You are correct to make this observation.

The reason many (but by no means all) public universities do not require letters of recommendation is because they have a state mandate to educate in-state students beyond a 2 year community college, and in many cases, are set up to take in transfers from state community colleges. They have, in general (but not in all cases), lower standards of admission for all students.

The reason most private colleges want letters of recommendation is because it is entirely up to them whether or not to admit a transfer student, and they have no way of knowing the standards to which each student was held at their previous college. Letters from reputable scholars in the field are very helpful to private colleges, as they can be relied upon to inform the admissions committees about the level of work to which this student is capable of rising. As a matter of fact, some private institutions accept no transfers whatsoever (Princeton, for example).


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Letters of recommendations are great for references because it’s from people who can list your characteristic traits. I don’t think anything is wrong with them. If you’re a great student, it’s not very hard to get one from a teacher. It’s not that bad! Plus, sometimes reading the letters of recommendations boost your confidence because it’s about how positive you are. =)

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