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This issue of Vanity Fair is annoying! (JULY 2007)?

or is it just me?

I feel really intimidated by what bono is doing for some reason, I know it comes from a good place ( because the institutions he is involved in will outlive him by about 50 years) but I wonder,

he seems to be doing everything,

what other bigs things are left for the potential rock stars?


but seriously….

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OK, I’ve gotta admit- I cannot for the life of me see what your problem is with bono- most likely you just don’t like him as an artist. I just canNOT figure out why- when someone is doing as much to help others as bono- there ALWAYS has to be someone out there with a bone to pick. Geeze- get over yourself.

A few days ago
Joscelyn C
It wasn’t a great issue or even very informative. They could have done so much more with the articles but just cut them down to where it was pointless.