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Texas A&M vs. The University of Texas?

Okay, I live in austin, Tx and ever sence I was little I was pretty much set on going to UT, but I have a friend a year older than me who also was set on UT who is now going to A&M and loves it. For those of you who went to either school, what are some pros and cons?

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Jennifer L

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I went to both schools!

A&M Pros:

Friendlier in general

Good shopping, restaurants, entertainment

Smaller & easier to get around

Lower cost of living

Halfway between Austin & Houston

A&M Cons:

Not as diverse as UT

Young town–you will feel old by age 27

Everyone is part of a couple–if you’re single and unattached, this might bother you

UT Pros:

Very diverse–culturally, age-wise, etc.

More sophisticated in general

Better shopping, eating, & entertainment

More tolerant of people being “different”

UT Cons:

Huge, so you might feel overwhelmed & insignificant or lonely if you’re on the shy side

Higher cost of living

Lots of distractions

Lots of beautiful and fashionable people–you might feel like you don’t “measure up”

Just my two cents… Hope it helps!


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With UT, you will get the big city atmosphere – it’s Austin for God’s sake. A&M is in a smaller city (College Station).

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Both schools are great! It depends on what your major is!!

UT is more liberal and A&M is more conservative (for the most part).

I went to UT and loved it!!