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realte “BE the change u want to see in the world” in LAW UCAS personal statement?

how does this quote relate to me loving law?

i want to study law in a uni in UK , and it has inspired me to develop my individuality , but how can it relate to studying law?

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

The world is not perfect. Many people spend their lives complaining. It takes a motivated individual to stand up and decide they’re going to change what is wrong.

Its one thing to imagine change. Its another thing to imagine yourself making that change.

When I think about being the change I want to see in this world. it strikes me as both personal and professional.

Personally, it drives me to be that polite person who isn’t too busy to help a neighbor in need. I’m inspired to hold a ladder steady for a stranger. I’m inspired to be a calm level headed source of reason, in the middle of a crisis…

Professionally, (I’m an officer), it reminds me that its more than simply a job. My job isn’t perfect, I catch bad guys, I put daddies in jail. I call social services to have babies taken away from mothers.. people shoot at me, I shoot at them.

But what is it that I want to see in the world of law enforcement?

I want to see a world where people are treated civilly, where children see officers as the good-guys, where officers don’t talk smack to a suspect because they piss them off.

That is a part of the world I can change. That is a part of the world that I can be the change, where I am the change. I can be found showing kids how the lights and sirens work during my lunch break. I am the first one to volunteer to visit a school to talk about local problems, underage driving, underage drinking and driving, etc. I don’t have to be a jackass to the people I arrest. I have the power to decide whether to cite a mother with three screaming kids in her minivan for going 5 over the speedlimit, or I can tell her simply that I want her children to stay safe, ask her to slow down, and let her be on her way (heaven knows she has enough to be dealing with without a ticket)

Studying law…. I assume you want to be a lawyer.

In the world of lawmakers, lawbreakers, law studiers, what is your goal? What’s wrong in that arena of the world, and what is it, that you’re willing to personally give of yourself to improve the problems? What are you most interested in changing/fixing?

I hope this helps some.

Good Luck.