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Question for those who attended Kent State University?

I plan to attend Kent State University in the fall of 2008. My GPA, although low (2.57), and ACT score (22), meets the criteria for admission. However, my GPA is too low to gain direct access into the field of study in which I would like to declare my major, which is Journalism.

So I read that if you don’t meet the criteria for a direct major in journalism, they automatically set your major to prejournalism. Thus, I am curious as to what ‘Prejournalism’ entails, and what I would have to do to in order for my major to be changed to ‘Journalism.’

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According to the Web site, you need 30 credit hours (usually a year’s worth of classes) and a grade of C or better in either “JMC 20003, Intro to Mass Communications”, or “JMC 20001, Media, Power, & Culture.”

Basically, they’re saying it’s a tough program, and they want to make sure its students are prepared for it. You simply need to do well enough freshman year, and you’re in.

It’s typical for a freshman to only take one or two classes in their chosen field freshman year anyway, so this shouldn’t be much different than at any other college.

Go here and scroll down to “admission requirements.”



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Fly On The Wall
It sounds like a kind of academic probation. You take the same classes as the journalism people probably, and if you make good marks you get to stay.