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Presently I’m doing my Bsc 1st year in Biotech, What are the courses that are available in US after doing Bsc?

I wish to know how can i get into United States for my higher studies, by taking which course in US Universities n what are the requirements to end up landing in US?

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Adam D

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Do you want to finish your BSC in the country you are in now and then get a master’s degree in the United States?

Or do you want to transfer to a university in the United States and finish your BSC in the US?

Either way, start researching US colleges now! Find colleges that offer the areas of study that you are interested in. For instance, you’re interested in Biotechnology. Find US universities that offer degrees in Biotechnology. If you want to come to the US after you finish your BSC, look for US universities that offer Master’s degrees in Biotechnology. Or, better yet, find US universities that have a graduate school dedicated to Biotechnology or a related field.

Use LINK1 (below) to go to a college search engine provided by the College Board. The search engine allows you to enter criteria based on what you want in a school. It’s organized in categories (eg. type of school, campus life, etc.). From the sounds of it, you’ll want to start your search off by selecting the ‘Academics and Majors’ category from the drop-down menu.

Your search results will bring up profiles, created by the College Board, of universities that meet the criteria you specified. If you decide that you like a university based on its profile, click on the link to the university’s web page. There, you can do more research on the university’s admission process for international students and transfer students.

I hope that this helps! Much luck.

LINK 1 – CollegeBoard College Search Engine: