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Online school…HELP?

I’ve been wanting to go back to school for so long now. I’ve been out of school for a while and I really don’t know where to start. Does anyone know where some really informative sites are… say for things about online school, what you need for that, cost, and of course I want it to be an accredited school and everything, no fake school. Anyone know of anything please let me know

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Your not going to find much typing online schools into your search engine other then uni of phoenix ads (which you don’t want to apply to) and big lists of every college/university available online which dosn’t help you either. You should check out sites and forums like http://forums.degreeinfo.com/ , http://online.degree.net/ and http://www.degreeinfo.com/sitemap.html for help on picking out the right accredited school for you.

Also keep in mind regionally accredited schools are often better then nationally accredited ones. Schools associated with well know brick and mortar institutions like Harvard’s “Harvard extension school” or NorthEastern University’s “Northeastern University school of proffesional and continuing studies” to name a few are great aswell.


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There are reputable, “brick and mortar” schools that offer degrees online. Their good reputation for their on-campus programs will flow over into their online program.

Some great universities that offer online degrees include:

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

University of Denver

University of Maryland

Duke University


Carnegie Mellon

Penn State

Ball State

U Nebraska – Lincoln


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

University of Illinois

Penn State

Colorado State U

And there are others. But in general, when you’re looking for a distance learning degree, try to find a program at a school that has a good reputation for their “brick and mortar” campus. So that doesn’t include those schools that are known for being online, like U of Phoenix, Strayer, Penn Foster, etc. So many employers actively dislike those degrees that I warn you to be cautious.

So also look at your own state colleges, and, if an associates is what you want, also your local community college. You may be surprised at what they offer online/via distance.

I’ll give you links to some articles about online schooling that can help you get started.

But note that many employers strongly prefer that you attended school in person. If you can do an on campus program, you should really look at them. In fact, your least expensive option re: college is your local community college, and your local state university.


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You should realize that there is a difference between being accredited and being good. Most on-line universities are For Profit Corporations that are more expensive than more prestigious public universities. Employers do not take degrees from these on-line universities seriously. Some, like University of Phoenix, have been fined large amounts for sleazy recruiting practices and are thought to pad their placement numbers.

Your best bet is to attend a local public college (even a community college) rather than go to an expensive on-line university that will do little for your future.


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Am I correct in thinking you mean online college?

I simply typed “online college” into my aol and found many sites, some advertising, but some were analysis.

Start reading, and you will get a feel for the subject.

Best wishes.


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the most reliable ever is the Open University

This is a UK online university, but you can go the the US equiv

This is the best