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James R

Not sure about Medical School.?

I am graduating as a medical assistant and I am now deciding if I want to continue my eduacation as a RN or go for Med School and become a doctor. I am 20 years old and not sure if the future will work with these dreams. I have looked into taking biology, chem, and physics at a community college. I want some one to talk to, to help me decide if this is the path that i want to take.

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If you’re undecided, it might be in your best interest to work as a medical assistant for a while. In that role, you will be able to gain some experience, be able to talk to the physician(s) that hire you and possibly also work with nurses. You will also learn of different medical careers that might picque your interest more than a nurse or MD.

There is a nursing shortage, so you will probably find more opportunities to get into a nursing school. Medical schools turn away about 45% of the applicants–and there are some serious college level courses that need to be completed before you can apply.

As a nurse, you can do many different careers within medicine, such as becoming a counselor, anethesiologist, nurse practitioner (which is like a doctor) or perform a number of administrative jobs that pay fairly decent salaries.

Make an appointment with an academic counselor at one of the local colleges. That’s what they are there for!