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Moving to US to study at Uni?

I’m a british citizen, and I’m thinking of going to the US to do Criminal Justice at Uni for 3 years, just for the experience of studying in another country, and Im also hoping to get dual-citizenship anyway, so 3 years is obviously helpful

How much would it cost for me to go there and study (assuming i had a part-time job while i was there…..)

Would be good if some US students were to answer aswell….. ๐Ÿ˜€

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I do not know where you have got your information from but studying for a degree in the United States is at least 4 years and not three, also by studying here you do not get dual citizenship nor does it help you to get it either.

You really need to ask yourself one question – why do you want to study criminal justice?

Law in the United States is completely different to law in the U.K. and it is not transferable – you can study criminal justice in the U.S. but it will be worthless back home.

The cost for an undergraduate degree in the U.S. varies between $17,000 to $45,000 per year!

As far as jobs go, you can only legally work 20 hours per week and this employment must be done on-campus i.e you cannot work in a bar, supermarket, shop etc. Furthermore you must be able to show you can pay for both your tuition and support yourself without taking employment – if you can’t do this then you will not get a visa.


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I suppose that depends on a number of factors. Most importantly where the university is located, and what (if any) tuition reimbursement or living expenses you may be entitled to.

The more urban an area, the more expensive generally. I’m from NYC, and I can tell you it’s quite expensive to live there, almost impossible for a student without some sort of help or wealth. (And incidently, John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York is an excellent school for your field of study)

But more suburban or rural living is signifigantly cheaper. I dont know what “Uni” your talking about, so perhaps more details would be helpful.

But generally it’s better if you live on campus, as living expenses (dorm and food) can be lumped together with your tuition.. then subject to loans, grants and scholarships… making it better than living on your own.

But if you did live on your own; you can expect on a monthly basis:

$400-700 dollars on rent, electricity.

appx $200 on food

$1000 for school books

tuition ranging from $2000 to $30000, depending on the school.

Plus whatever miscellaneous expenses you need to account for.. travel, fun, etc…

(above in US dollars of course, that helps you if you have Euro to exchange… you guys get the good end of that stick. The UK is on Euros now right? Not that it matters.. the Pound was better too)

Many foreign students get special aid if the school wants you, so make sure to look into that for help.

Good luck ol chum, sorry bout Ricky Hatton… I was rooting for him too ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Valerie gave a good link. When I moved here I had to send in my transcript to get my education approved. It had to be an official transcript, so unopened, etc. However Id recommend looking that site she suggested.