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Master/PhD of Library and Information Science?

What exactly are these programs? What I’m most confused about is what kind of “original research” can be done in these programs. Can someone give me an example of what could be done for a master’s thesis or PhD dissertation in this field?

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I would suggest you find a dissertation database and read some dissertations from that subject area.

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you may get carry of a grasp’s degree in 2 to 3 years after ending up a Bachelor’s degree. maximum Bachelor levels are offered after 4 years of learn and persist with commencement from severe college. A degree is something oftentimes stated as an award for ending up 4 years of highschool. A dipolma is likewise stated as an award for ending up a particular application at a Techical college and frequently takes one to 2 years. severe college would be defined in grades 9-12 commencing with a freshman year, a sophmor year, a junior year and a senior year. Undergraduate classes communicate with grades 13-sixteen and additionally are defined as freshman, sophmore, junior and senior years. After ending up your senior year in an undergraduate application you will recieve a Bachelor’s degree. submit Graduate oftentimes refers to years 17, 18, 19, and 20. Years 17 and 18 correspond with artwork mandatory to end a grasp’s degree. Years 19 and 20 are oftentimes particular to artwork in the direction of a PhD or a Doctorate. in maximum situations a level is seen extra effective than a level.