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Foundation Degree at University?

I’am currently doing my A-Levels and i was wondering if i could do foundation degree at University on Accounting and Finance with just one AS-level with grade A or B and with A-level maths grade E.

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Probably. What you need to do is enquire directly with universities.

For foundation degrees, they go with a much lower score requirement than for UG degrees.

Make sure you enquire about the number of UCAS points (www.ucas.com can help you understand the process by which you apply -usually it is through them) AS WELL AS the grades required (because some universities will say 220 points, others will say CCD at A level minimum -that’s not the same thing!, so as you don’t have many AS/A level, you may need to apply only to those whose requirements match your qualifications.

From experience, I think you would need probably another AS with a good score, because your A level is only worth 40 points, so even with A in AS, you’d get only 100 points total.

UCAS points are calculated like this:

A levels: A grade = 120 points; B grade = 100 points; C grade= 80 pts; D grade = 60 pts; E grade = 40 pts.

AS levels are worth exactly half of that of A levels. So, A grade = 60 pts; B grade = 50 pts, etc.


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