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Looking for colleges?

I live in Connecticut and I’m in my junior year of high school but i wanted to get a head start on looking for colleges.

what i want to be is a pediatrician but i don’t know how the schooling works. Will i have to go to a regular public 4 year college first and then from there apply to a med school? Can anyone help me on this. Or can I just finish my entire schooling in that college? I have no idea how it works so the slightest information on this subject will be a great help thanks.

p.s. i know that talking to my guidance couselor is a good way to start but she isn’t really that big of a help. believe me, i’ve tried.

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In a little bit of research, here is what I found that may help you out. The question you asked is exactly what this link will answer for you, in GREAT detail.


As far as the school search is concenred for your undergrad…once you pick a school or use to search…


There are many schools out there so good luck in your search!


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You will need to get a degree from a 4 year school, whether public or private does not matter. Degree can be in biology, chemistry, psychology or a number of other fields, as long as you take the required prerequisites for pre-med. Med school is usually done at a different school unless you choose to go to an undergrad school that also has med school. But that is no guarantee that you will get into that med school. Pre-med can be very competitive so be prepared to put in a lot of study time. Work hard and do your best. Good luck!

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Typically, one applies to a college or university in their “pre-med” program. While there, you work your butt off to keep high grades and build up a resume that is worthy of medical school applications. As a college senior, you take the MCAT (like the SAT for future medical students) and submit your applications to medical schools. After you obtain your BS, you spend 3 years in medical school and then you work 3 years of residency (typically, a general residency). After your 3 years of residency, you work may work an additional 3 years of specialized residency (in pediatrics). After this, you’re ready to start paying back your loans…

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I’m an international student in NVCC, Waterbury, CT.

I found this college by searching in www.collegeboard.com

and then emailed them.

Try that website..

Good luck