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Is there a way to see if i got what it takes to be a doctor?

I’m wondering if i got what it takes to be a doctor, only as far as intellectual skills to go through med school go. I’m not talking about motivation or other human skills. Is there a test i can take online that checks the areas of intelligence required to be a doctor (e.g memory, language)? Something similiar to MCATs, but that don’t require any studying?

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Having been Pre-med and taken my MCATs I can tell you this: Medical School is about memorization. The human body has a great many parts, but what happens to it, the diseases it encounters and the way it reacts, all have names and you need the ability to recall not just a list of parts, but how they fit together and react under different circumstances.

However, if you decide to go to Med school and doubt whether or not you’ll be able to remember “everything” you need, remember that you can always specialize in an area that will reduce the “variety” or “scope” of what you should be able to recall. I’ve met doctors who can’t remember to tie their shoes, but know the proper dosage for medications without having to look them up. If you’re of above average intelligence and your MCAT scores are good, then it should be a question of desire: Do you want to be a doctor for the right reasons, and if so, are you prepared to commit to this path for the rest of your life. If the answer is yes, go to Med school. If it is still a question in your mind, spend more time around hospitals and speak with more doctors to get an insight into the field that requires 100 percent commitment.

There is no other test for capability; you are the only one who can truly determine whether or not you have what it takes.


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Go to www.assessmentpsychology.com and click on IQ. It tells you what IQ you have based on your SAT scores. you will see that the average physician has an IQ of 125, which means the range would be about from IQ 120 – as high as the IQ test measures.

Someone on Yahoo Answers was kind enough to share these tests and I wrote down the websites.

Here they are:

Mensa Denmark Test – Based on Ravens APM, normed on thousands of individuals. http://www.iqtest.dk/main.swf

Here’s another one:

BBC Test the nation – Based on Wechsler/Binet scales, Normed on thousands by a psychogist, taken by millions in the UK. http://www.bbc.co.uk/testthenation/iq/…

Also, if you want to be a surgeon you have to have great manual dexterity. So, how swiftly can you put pegs in a pegboard? I also think if you are a really really really good dancer, well that is coordination and a tipoff that you may have excellent manual dexterity.

Anyway, good luck. If you really want to be a physician, have a really serious desire for some reason, you can overcome a slightly lower IQ than is called for. Drive and persistence are extremely important in order to get thru the years of education to be a physician, so Responder #1 is so right. If you really want it, you can probably be successful at it.


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You are talking about an aptitude test. There’s loads of them, but if you really want to be a doc, and you don’t score high on being one, it might discourage you. My advice for the aptitude type test is call or go to a local university that has a graduate program in psychology and see if they would give you a test and interpret it for free. That field of psychology is called ‘psychometrics.’ I’ve studied it, and although there may be some validity to test findings, if you want to do something, you should just try your best at doing it.

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you should talk to a preprofessional advisior at a local college campus, they can probably point you in the correct direction.