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iam a pharmacy student got bored with studying?

i dont like chemistry ,pharmaceutics,etc

any pharmacy student tell me how can i enjoy studying

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A few days ago

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i’m a biochemistry student a lot more similar to pharmacy; but i love chemistry and stuff.

You need to develop interest on it.

seriously, its not magic…. you cant learn that in one day….


maybe you just hate to memorize things…. maybe you need some break for studying to much… i dunno, im not a psychologist

but i know you could drop the course…

dont want to…

then try to love it instead! i mean you dont like chemistry right? hey! dont even bother to become a pharmacist


4 years ago
in case you’re lecturing, it somewhat is boring. Make it greater interactive. as quickly as I did exchange coaching with 5th graders, I had a opposition using the multiplication tables, boys against ladies. I stood on the front of the class by the board, and used hash marks to count selection each and each superb suited answer. The triumphing team have been given a team of candy (uncertain that exchange into allowed, however the toddlers enjoyed it) and bragging rights. classification went speedy, everybody participated, and that they have been discovering math with out even understanding it.

A few days ago
Ha, welcome to grad school. We all get bored with studying and reach a point where we just plain hate whatever the program is, but the feeling goes away. Just wait it out.