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Is Maryland in demand for a cardiovascular technologist?

Esp, in Howard County? Hows the salary? and how can i get a Bachelors degree from studying cardio tech?

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in Maryland there is a school in Landover that offers a training program in cardio tech. Check out this website:


If you get your associates, University of Baltimore has a program where you can use that toward your bachelor’s in health care management. Hope this helps. Oh yeah, if you check out the bureau of labor stats websites, you can see the salary. ๐Ÿ™‚


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If you are thinking of signing up for a pricey “cardiovascular tech” trade school, DON’T DO IT.

I live in Howard County, and there really isn’t this big demand for more techs. The trade schools are a big rip off.

I had a girlfriend who did that, could not afford to finish, now has big, huge debt and no job.

Best bet….sign up for the allied health at Howard Community College. It is very inexpensive. You can start with an LPN and then work while you figure out how you want to further your career in either nursing, PA, tech, or other field.

There is a very good demand for nurses, and they have a good opportunity for advancement and to make a very nice salary.

All I can say is, these cardiovascular tech schools are a scam. I have seen it first hand