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Glamours B.

Is it possible to to go to college to study fashion design, business, journalism and cosmetology.?

I want to go to college but i want to do everything.I was just wondering if its possible to do this at the same time.

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Ellie L.

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All at once? I think not. Go to school during the fall and winter for journalism and business. Business as a minor, Journalism as major (or the other way around). During the summer take a course on cosmetology and or fashion design.

You can do it all, but I don’t sugest trying it all at once. See what you like most then decide.


A few days ago
Miss 6
Yeah, but then you’d be very tired and in school for a long time! Firstly cosmetology will take you I think if you go full time about 2 years. But if you go then you will have some income on the side, while you are working on your degrees in your other areas. If you’re gonna do all 4 here is my advice:

1st, do the cosmetology that will take the least amount of time.

2nd: Fashion design, you can do that in like 2-3 years also.

Then as far as business and journalism, if you haven’t already burned yourself out, either double major or pick one as your minor.

But be warned that you most likely change your mind and go in a completely different direction.

Best of luck!


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The short answer is yes, but you’d be so burnt out by the time you finished that you would never want to actually do any of them.

Why not study the shortest course first, probably cosmetology, and work part-time in that while going to school?

Possibly you could study business in an online course, and fit that around your schedule. Fashion design is more hands-on, and I do not know what city you are in, so I cannot check if there is a school nearby — but you would have to physically attend classes, not sign up for online instruction.


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I don’t think so. I did a major in communication with a minor in computer science at the University of Illinois, and that was enough for me. I have studied other things since then, but one thing at a time. A university or college would never allow you to to that, (unless you are some kind of walking computer) you could not keep up with all those fields, And, if you did you probably will be too old by the time you finish to practice what you learned.