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In CSU system, juniors are required to take written examination before they take upper division classes. Why?

CSU stands for California State University.

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Yeah, I had to take it and they say that it is another way to prove that the Universities are not just graduating people that can’t put a paragraph together. They grade it on how you organize your thoughts and grammer; so basically, if you can write a simple 10th grade type essay given a specific topic you will be fine.

I remember the topic I had was something like this: Do you think it’s fair that athletes and super-models get paid millions of dollars for doing the little that they do in comparison to teachers and doctors?

Believe me, its no big deal but it has to be done because it is required due to the amount of graduates that, back in the day, went out to the work force without knowing how to write properly.

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Kirk S
I was in one of the first graduating classes that had to take the English test in order to graduate. That was nearly 25 years ago.

I’m a little ashamed to say that I took the while still have drunk from the night before. It was a breeze! If you were halfway competent in high school, you’ll do fine with it.