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I scored a 1610 on my SAT and 21 on my ACT. i also have a 3.1 gpa. whats my chance of getting into UCD?

– took many AP classes

-in school clubs/sports/leadership

-work over 30 hours per week (fastfood)

– volunteered @ uc davis med center

should i not send in my act score since its only equal to a 1500 on the sats?

should i retake the sat or act,both?

would applying under an uncommon major improve your chances? ( what kinds)

SAT 2 Scores:

Biology E 530

Literature 490

Mathematics Level 2 510

My uc gpa is a 3.4

Any advice would help. Thanks

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a bit low of a GPA as well as the SAT’s

you need to significantly raise you SAT scores to compensate your GPA (assuming your a hs senior).

Im going to be a senior and I have (NOT BRAGGING in anyway plz dont be offended) a 4.3 UC GPA and a 2000 SAT score as well as a 730 Math L2 and a horrible 600 on Biology M which im definitly going to retake in the fall!! Im aiming for UCSD!

I would say you would need at least an 1800 on your SAT to have a sufficent chance at gaining admission. Right now I’d say you have like a 40% chance of getting accepted.


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Wow. . .I’d call you an average student. . .well, a little above average but you need to increase that GPA or SAT big time if considering a university. . .the extra-curricular you do have right now is nice and all but as soon as they see those scores and that GPA, your hopes may become diminished. . .try to become president of a club or hold office in something, anything. . .just do it

good luck


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UC Davis is an extremely aggressive college for admissions (as are each and each of the UC colleges). Your numbers only are not sturdy adequate. There are different superb colleges in the state college device the place you need to be admitted. attempt them and paintings frustrating on your grades there. working “over 30 hours a week” is a sturdy thank you to smash your transcript. If that’s what you probably did throughout the time of the college year (on superb of finished-time college – I doubt it). Your standardized try rankings are surprisingly consistent. Take yet another one, and your score probable won’t replace a lot. this is who you’re. Make the final of it.