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I just got dismissed from college? So where do I go from here? Advise?

I got dimissed …I know I have to appeal to be reinstated back in the university …I just need some advised especially from someone that has gone through this….can you be successful ? and failing so miserably….

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Take a quarter/semester off to think and reflect how you got into the situation. Think of ways you can do to fix this and set your mind on doing them. Then prepare to appeal and get reinstated. I almost got dismissed because of AP but I fixed myself and did fine. Also 3-4 of my friends who were smart as hell, still were dismissed because of various reasons, but got reinstated, graduated, and now have good jobs. So don’t give up or lose hope. Good luck.

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Old Dawg
First –

Get yourself reinstated – Appeal.


Talk to your college adviser and re-L@@k at the courses that you can take to make “college life a little easier”. Start re-building your “GPA”.


Don’t give up. You might have to sacrifice other things in life or personal outside matters.

Basically ??

What is most important to you? How hard are you willing to work or even seek outside tutoring?

I don’t know your situation … or you??

My son is a senior @ UGA. And believe me – he had to sacrifice. None to none outside life hardly because he’s a pre-med student. He’s kept a 3.3 too 3.6 GPA. And it’s been hard work.

The hardest thing as of now .. I think for you will be staying focus and not giving up.

Don’t give up… Talk to the college advisers.. That’s what they are there for. Use them … they can help.

I hope the best for you and that you will get back on the right trail.

Old Dawg


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coach says:


now, analyze exactly why you were dismissed and where responsibility lies. If you’re still placing responsibility on someone else, reanalyze your situation.

Get the university bulletin and study (not review) the appeals process. Form your appeal placing responsibility exactly where it lies. Do not blame the school – that won’t win you any points.

If they say yes, fix whatever problem caused this. If they say no, shake it off and make yourself a plan. Do you need to consider a tech or community college to raise the GPA? Do you need to address behavioral or attitudinal issues? Is it a matter of motivation? Develop a plan to address the real problem, address the real problem, and then resume your education.

Don’t try to resume your education without fixing whatever caused you to be dismissed.


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sweaty teddy
dismissed? G-d you must have really screwed up dear.

im sorry to hear that….. umm mb you could talk to some ppl on administration? that might work