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Leroy Smoothie

I have an LSAT Score of 144 and a GPA of 3.2. Is there anything I can do to better my chances of getting into?

law school? Any suggestions for a school that will accept me with those numbers? I prefer to go to a school in Texas but I will go where ever I can get accepted.

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Joscelyn C

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You need to get up at least to a 150. Right now, no schools would probably accept you. If you hit that 150 with great recommendations and a decent LOR you could get into a T3 or T4. Good luck. Take the test again and use powerscore books

Also, to the guy who said it was easier to get into private vs. public. This is not true and hopefully you already know that because you have done research on the topic. His examples were way off- Georgia is a Tier 1, Nova is a Tier 4.


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It’s actually easier to get in at some private law schools if you can afford it. Public univ’s are swamped with more applications and if they have a limited # of spaces for students, it gets competitive.

I think they’d also like to see a great record of community service, interesting essay, and at public univs. it helps if you are “minority.”

You can also take the LSAT again, if you can stand it..

My cousin didn’t get in twice at Georgia State (public)

but applied at (private) Nova Southeastern (Ft.Lauderdale,FL)

and got in right away. I think his GPA was lower than yours.


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