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can my grades still have a chance at columbia college in new york?

okai i’m from canada and i have a range of 70s (for sciences and maths) and mid 80s for english,, history and other related subjects . in gr.9-11….i want to enter for the creative writing and humanities programs at columbia …..say i get almost perfect on the SAT tests and manage 90s in gr.12…would i still have a strong chance of admission despite my previous grades? be absolutely honest.

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probably not. although colleges, epcailly the ivies, want well rounded students who have other things goin on for them besides just grades and school, grades are still the number one thing that colleges look at, and 70s and 80s are just to low when ur talking about an ivy league school.

but still apply. u never know what might happen


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Chad S
Really good schools like Columbia want students that are very well rounded and diverse (not just high grades). If you participate in extracurricular activites, then I would say you have a very good shot (assuming you score almost perfect on the SAT). If you are not well rounded then it may be a long shot.

The fact that you are from Canada will likely give you an edge – so that is definitely a plus.

All in all, I’d say you have a great shot!