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I am so undecided?

I am going into college this year and I really do not know what I want to do. People always say you do not hafe to decide for twoo years but that offers no confort for me. I either want a degree in Social Services but I do not want to take kids away from their parents and I want to take criminal justice but I could never be a probation officer or a lawyer. Anyone that can even offer a little help please do, I am so lost.

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Although it may not offer you any comfort, you really do not have to decide what you want to do before you actually start college. You have four years to figure that out, and even then, you may change your mind once again. Most college students change their major at least 3-6 times. Same goes for a career. It is very rare these days for someone to pick a major, stay with it all four years and be happy with the career they choose upon graduation.

I would highly recommend visiting your career center on campus. They can help you decide what major to select and help you explore different career paths. There are plenty of career assessments out there the advisors can have you take, and then you’ll spend some time interpreting them.

In the meantime, do a self-assessment. Figure out what you like to do and what skills you think you’re strong with. Begin matching your strengths with careers that are out there. With a little exploration, you’ll begin to focus on what you want to do. Talk to faculty, talk to other students and if you can, talk to alumni of your school. I’m sure your career center can help you connect. Good luck!


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People in social services are often frustrated by the difficulty of them helping their clients. They deal with a lot of rules & paperwork, and can’t always do what they know is right for their clients. The emotional energy is high, and burnout is a definite possibility.

Criminal justice sounds great if you’d like to work in a lawyer’s office, or if you’d like to be a cop or detective.

Both of your choices involve helping people. And you have a soft spot for kids. Open up your options to include jobs that serve people/kids without ever hurting them as part of your job.



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I was going through the very same thing last year, so I have a few tidbits of advice to share.

First of all, unless you plan on going into a specialized field (medicine, law, etc) you dont really need to worry about what you study (at the undergrad level.) If you have any interest in it, look into it. Dont worry about whether it is considered ‘practical.’

Try taking a course that allows you to explore your interests and abilities (these are often offered at both high schools and colleges.) Also evaluate what it is you enjoy doing now.

Most importantly, research your possible majors as thoroughly as you can.


https://myroad.collegeboard.com/myroad/navigator.jsp (If you took the PSAT)



There are plenty of resources available for research.

Most importantly: RELAX! I know it all seems overwhelming now, but you’ll be fine. Just breathe.


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well not all social workers take kids away from their parents. ie some social workers work at hospitals and assist families during their time there, other social workers work at schools and help children in that arena.

criminal justice i had a friend who did this and she works for the FBI doing research and assisting with cases that they are working on. if you pursue law you don’t have to be a trial lawyer you can go into contracts and acquisitions, family law, business law or malpractice or civil.

my suggestion would be to think about what you like to do and find an area that can help you do that for the rest of you life.

me i’m a health person so i majored in health management and am now applying to med school. pick a general thing you like fine tune it in grad school. that’s what i did and it’s working for me.