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How is life after 12th grade? What r the things that one faces? Advantages??

Just want to know how it feels like? Share your experiences.

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Ms. Fabulous

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Well there are advantages and disadvantages. I think the advantages are far mor greater than the dis. but however one major disadvantage come in the form of bills and responsibility. A major advantage is growth, responsibilities and independence. Everyone is anxious to grow up and become an adult. It appears that adults have it all, money, cars, respect, independence, they can do whatever it is that they want. but what the child eyes don’t allow them to see is that an adult faces a lot of challenges when he or she becomes an adult. A child mostly have to worry about making the bed, picking up clothes off the floor, chores given from the parents, siblings and of course this is a headache for the child. But what if that child had to get up in the morning after going to bed really late to ensure the children are in bed, house secured and work is done. Get up fix breakfast, get ready for work, take the children to school, go to work, fight traffic, deal with sometimes a over zealous boss, irrating co workers, rude customers and a desk that the drawer doesn’t close good. Some children eat everyday not knowing that the parents may not eat because there isn’t enought for them to eat and allow the child to have a second helping. Most parents will eat only after the children are completely full (my father is the exception-he doesn’t care) my mother cared though. Now that the child is an adult. They may be faced with some but not all of the challenges. Most parents wish is to allow their children to have it BETTER than they had it even if they had it good.

But life after 12th grade is fantastic. If you choose to go to college, you’ll find a new type of independence that is only once in a lifetime. THere is no other experience like that of college life. THis is the time that YOU find yourself. You come into your own. What you like, what you enjoy. You may find that you enjoy theater. This is the time that seperates men from boys and women from girls. You may lose some friends but they weren’t you friends from the start if so. YOu find new friends, you establish a career for yourself. After college comes work. You’ve grad. college, decided upon a career, what it is you want to do. After a few years you decided whether you want to get married or not and start preparing yourself for that. LIfe after 12th grade is exciting and also scary, but don’t be scared because it is coming. You can’t live and avoid it. So relax. have fun and enjoy.

Life after 12th grade is what YOU make of it.