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how good of a college can i go to?

i have a 3.69 unweighted GPA with my middle school grades (3.13) or a 3.79 GPA without middle school grades. I messed up a lot freshman year(3.643), but did much better sophmore(3.85) and junior(3.85) year.

SAT: math=780 reading=760 writing=760

SATII: math=780 bio=740 history=740

EC: teen court volunteer

korean drum ensemble

various outside orchestras

national merit commended scholar

national honor society

science national honor society

national english honor society

medical masterminds club

beta club

debate team

student reporter for local krn newspaper

two 1st place state level music awards

300 community service hours

law internship

attended cslc law camp

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Obviously your SAT scores are great. Non many people can score in the 700’s on all three sections of the SAT and on three subject tests. Your GPA is pretty good, depending on how demanding your course work was. Did you take many honors and AP classes, or just regular classes. Do not include all of the activities on your application. Choose maybe 5 or 6 different activities that you were most involved in. Also either put the law or the medical EC because you want to look focused. Colleges don’t want students who are perfect at everything. Also, in your essay, write about a personal expirience. Don’t write about something that was previoiusly listed in your transcript. As long as you took the right classes and narrow down your EC’s, you probably have good chances at schools as good as Harvard and Princeton. GOOD LUCK.

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What State?

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Ur records in ur high school are ur foundations of college schooling but it is not all the basis. U shud strive hard inroder for u to go further ok. Pray a lot and avoid activitities which are not beneficial to ur studies. Spend ur time in good intended activities of….gud lak