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How can I calculate the GPA of this classes individually?

I got an 69.7 C in Physics I, which is really a D, but the proffesor raised the curve and I passed.

76.2 C on a General Chemistry class

and 72 C in a Inorganic Chemistry clas

each one is worth 4.000 credits.

I want to know if each of them are bellow or above 2.50 which is the minimun GPA that I am suppose to have to be able to get admited at a graduate school.

How do I figure that out since I am confused here.

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I am pretty sure the lowest grade you can get on the main courses of your major is a C+

You have to check with an advisor to make sure, if I were you I would be in their office tomorrow to make sure.


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If you can’t figure out your own GPA, you should seriously re-evaluate your decision to attend graduate school.

You need to know how many grade points each grade is worth. Usually a C is worth 2.00. If that’s the case at your school, you’re out of luck. You’d need to alternate B’s and C’s to get into grad school.