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Graduation college… when do i apply for jobs?

Hi, I’m 22. I’ll be graduating college on December 22.

When is a good time to start sending out resumes??

I dont want to send out too early…

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If your job requires a degree before they’ll even look at your resume you might want to wait, but if you can be hired knowing that you’ll have a degree in a few months, and you’re ready to work now, then send them out as soon as possible.

The key is that you have to be ready to come in for interviews and begin working if they want you, so make sure you’re ready for those things before you send out your resumes.

Also remember that Dec. 22 is so close to Christmas and the end of the year that many companies shut down around that time, and even the ones that are open may not be getting much work done. Either send your resumes out very early if you can work, 1-2 weeks before graduation, or wait until after New Years to send them out, when people are back at work and there’s less chance it will get lost or misplaced.

You can also post it on a web site like monster.com for more exposure.

Good luck!


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I felt that working for the period of faculty took away too lots concentration from my analyze. I did attempt working merely 15 hours each and every week (3 hours an afternoon) yet many times i could be attempting to get a paper executed or learn for an examination and could could cease to flow to paintings for minimum salary and perhaps make $15 that day. It wasn’t a solid return on the investment of my time. extremely I took out loans and that i’m repaying them now that I also have a level and a nicely-paying activity. It additionally relies upon on how complicated your important would be. I chosen engineering — engineering pupils are nicely-standard for having no time for something yet college. in case you would be a employer or social sciences important, you will probable have time for a role.