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Extra curricular activities for college?

I have to apply to college before upcoming November 1st. The college I want to go to looks at extra curricular activities as something very important. When I apply I will be going off my freshman-junior academic record because my senior report card does not come out until November 15th. I am very active in church (sing in the choir and I am also a youth leader), I also in my junior year wrote for the school newspaper and earned an outstanding grade. I was sick during the beginning of my junior year and because I was so sick I didn’t stay the whole of my junior year…do you think this will affect their decision?

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I wouldn’t think so, especially if you get back to it after you beat your illness. Colleges generally let you self-report your extra-curriculars in resume format so you can list the dates you participated as well as the date that you started up again. If you explain your illness in your personal statement, they’ll get the picture.