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“Essay” Questions on Application?

I’m filling out a pharmacy application and I’m not really used to the questions in that they do not allow you to go over the space provided (about 1/2 a page), so for a question like:

“What attracts you to a career in pharmacy”?

Should i answer it like i would in an interview (straightforward – good lifestyle, etc), or should I answer it it a ‘nicer’ essay format with elonquent language, etc”?

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The essays are one of the easiest ways for you to highlight both your intelligence and your personality. Write in your own style, while maintaining the basic rules of grammar (proofread!).

I see tons of essays working at an Admissions desk and a lot of them say the same thing. Write about the aspect(s) of pharmacy that YOU are most excited about, and focus on that.

Be yourself, and you’ll be fine. 🙂


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I definetely think that you should find a medium between the two. Use a language where it is proper yet it sounds like you. I’m sure the school would like to try to understand you as a student/applicant.