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English education – straight into teaching or straight onto masters?

I am currently a college junior. I am getting my bachelors in English education for the high school level (with a minor in art) and kind of debating on what my next step should be. I really would like to be an english professor.

In Ohio you are required to get your masters within 10 years of receiving your teaching license. I am debating on whether after I get my bachelors I should try to substitute while getting my masters and once completed begin teaching at the college level. -OR- Taking a break after I get my bachelors to “get my foot in the door” at a high school and hope they’ll help me foot the bill when it comes to get my masters.

It really boils down to which option will aid me in getting into the job I want and if I should go straight into my masters because it will continue to defer my loan payments.

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i would just go straight to the masters program and substitute teach whenever you can! good luck!

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I’m not telling you what to do, but some colleges have programs where you can earn other masters degree over a couple of consecutive summers. A teacher I know was considering this for a masters in music. It not an answer but it another option, quite possible the last thing you wanted. Good luck. (and forgive my grammar)

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No high school is going to help you foot the bill for your MA. Sorry.

It’ll be cheaper to start your MA now. But it’s going to be expensive either way.

I finished my MA at night/summers, while teaching HS full-time. It was awful.

If you really want to teach in higher ed, then why put that off by teaching HS for awhile?


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