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Do you know of any college or university that may teach courses on metaphysics as well as general health?

im interested between the two careers of metaphysics(study of the spiritual mind) and health- (general doctor). but i cant seem to find a university or college that may have both of the courses. Do you know any school that may have them both or what do you think i should do?

Please help… so confused !

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If you’re interested in metaphysics, I suggest you look toward neurology, psychology, philosophy, or cosmology (a sub-field of theoretical astrophysics). Sounds like you would be more interested in psychology or neurology as they study the mind rather than the universe at large. Most schools that have a pre-med program also offer psychology.

There are schools that teach spirituality, but a lot of them have rather dodgy reputations so if you find one, check to see if it’s accredited by an organization recognized by the CHEA/Department of Education.


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