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Do you guys know any good website that can prepare me for the learners permit exam?

I think i wanna get that over with but i really dont wanna read the book…any tips

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NOT everyone passes. The easy part is where they show you a stop sign and asks you what it means. The other part asks specific questions, and those can be hard.

There are different tests that probably differ depending on where you live.

My DMV gave me an incredibly hard test, and my friend got the same one. We both failed. We had questions such as “At what distance should you turn off your brights when there is an oncoming car?”. The second time I took it I didnt miss any.

Honestly I did not study for the first or second one. Most of it IS common sense but it depends on the questions. My DMV gave out a pamplet thing that we were supposed to study, but its not worth it. There is nothing wrong with taking the test twice (or more). Just look through it and read what looks important.

No one knows at what distance you should turn off your brights, just that it needs to be done =) …so studying isnt worth it.


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everybody passes, you have to be braindead to not pass, just use common sense, its only 10-15 questions.