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Do high school students use online college search engines to search for college? If so, were they helpful?

I’m curious to know how high school students search for colleges. Online? Counselor’s office?

What do college want to know when looking at college student online?

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I used the online search engine. That helped let me know what was out there, but wasn’t fully accurate on all they had to offer, so I used the school’s website.

After that I asked my family, my older sister, and friends.

I used my counselor finally, and she helped a lot. She knew a lot about admissions, which is what I really needed once I found the college that was right for me.

Hope this helps!


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I looked mostly online.

www.collegeboard.com is a really good website, and they have a college search engine and matchmaker, where you enter in what you want and it’ll give you the best-fit colleges. You can then look at the list the matchmaker gives you and go to the college websites directly for more info.

Talk to your counselor as well, and they’ll give you advice on choosing what colleges to apply to.


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Will B
Research says that for the US student an online search is their primary source of information, then comes parents, then friends, then school counselor.

I am sorry but I don’t understand your second question.